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The Three-Fold Rule

The Three-Fold Rule is karma at its simplest. It means that whatever you send out will come back to you three fold. If you send out good, you will get back that good times three. If you send out bad, you get back bad three fold. What exactly does that mean for you?

When planning a ritual, you have to decide why you are performing the ritual. Once you are aware of both what you are doing and why you are doing it, you can calculate the consequences of your ritual. The consequences for others is what you will reap three-fold.

You need a job. You have been out of work for three months and your family is suffering. You decide to design a ritual to help you find a job.

You design a ritual asking for the goddess and god (of your choice) for help finding a job. You humble yourself by being willing to take whatever job necessary to support your family.

Three weeks later, after another bunch of interviews, you get a job offer. It isn’t your dream job, but it is one where you can be happy. Plus, you get a salary, with benefits, making enough to not only support your family, but also be able to take them on vacation in a year or two.

What you sent out was a lot of good vibes, hopeful wishes and humble requests. What you received was not only what you requested, but also more. You received a job that was better than what you thought you would get, more money, benefits and in the near future the ability to treat your family.

The Three-Fold Rule is a helpful thing when used properly. Don’t forget, if you send out negative or bad energy, which is what you will get back as well. Always think of the consequences of what you do.