Jul 19


Hey everyone, I am in the middle of reworking this site and coming back to writing posts on a regular basis.  I apologize for all the confusion during the construction phase.  Please bare with me while I make all the changes.  Once everything is complete, this site will be better than ever. Also, please sign …

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Aug 04

A Prayer For Creativity

Blessed Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, Goddess of Passion, Your beauty outshines a thousand suns, Your passion lights a thousand fires, Your love encompasses all. Please bring creativity and passion into my life. Please let me show how much I care without censor. Please make my creations into works of art, that showcase my life and …

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Jul 29

The Three-Fold Rule

The Three-Fold Rule is karma at its simplest. It means that whatever you send out will come back to you three fold. If you send out good, you will get back that good times three. If you send out bad, you get back bad three fold. What exactly does that mean for you? When planning …

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Jul 28

A Prayer for Family

Blessed Maiden, Blessed Mother, Blessed Crone, I ask not for me, But for my friends and family. Bring peace, joy and prosperity Bring love, health and happiness Please, protect those most important to me. May they never know hurt, harm or helplessness.

Jul 27

Blue Moon

Modern Version: When a full moon happen twice in a calendar month, the second full moon is considered a Blue Moon. The monthly blue moon happens approximately once every 3 years. While we now call the second full moon in a calendar month a blue moon, it used to be that a blue moon was …

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